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Latest release: ISIS® version 2.45 Build 651

More details in TIL167.

Wi-Fi Remote version 2.00

The release is for all versions of Windows Mobile. The Wi-Fi Remote version 2.00 is adapted for the software to run on WM6 (Windows Mobile 6).  

ISIS Techncial Information Letter TIL167

Technical Information Letter (TIL167) containing information about recent release of ISIS 2.45 Build 651. This update is only necessary if a MENTOR XT is retrofitted with the most recent version of a 4SVGA card.

Version: ISIS 2.45 Build 651
Size: 410 kB

ISIS Software

ISO File of Software ISIS 2.45 Build 651. Necessary for all MENTOR XT when retrofitting with a new 4SVGA card. More information on TIL 167.

Version: 2.45 B651
Size: 144 MB
  ISIS_2_45 B651.iso

ISIS 2 - Technical Information Letter

ISIS 2 - V2.45 -Technical Information Letter

Version: V2.45
Size: 21.4 kB
  TIL 165GP.pdf

ISIS 2 - Technical Information Letter

ISIS 2 - V2.44 -Technical Information Letter

Version: V2.44
Size: 49.7 kB
  TIL 158GP.pdf

ISIS 2 - Full

ISIS 2.45 Build 641 for USB installation.

The release is for all PHOENIX and MENTOR desks.

The release is mandatory for all MENTOR XT desks. A bug in the MENTOR XT firmware has been corrected.

Version: V2.45
Size: 143 MB
  isis v2.45 b641.iso

Install from USB stick

Instructions to install ISIS 2 from a USB stick

Version: text
Size: 1.18 kB
  Install From USB Stick.txt


ISIS 2.45 Build 641 for USB installation.

Download "Install from USB Stick" for instructions.

Version: V2.45
Size: 20.2 MB


 USB Device boot floppy disk

Size: 1.35 MB

ISIS on Windows

ISIS on Windows

Version: text
Size: 250 kB

ISIS 2 - VMWare

ISIS 2.45 Build 641 - VMWARE ™  image file 

Version: V2.45
Size: 114 MB

VMware VMX file

VMware VMX file - File necessary for ISIS on VMware

Version: V2.45
Size: 1.3 kB

Wi-Fi Software

Wi-Fi Remote Control V2.00 updated for WM 6 ( Windows Mobile version 6)

Remark: for version WM 5.xx and earlier it is necessary to install SetupDotNET2sp1 to run the ADB Wi-Fi Software.

Version: V 2.00
Size: 52.7 kB


It is necessary to install SetupDotNET2sp1 to run the ADB WiFi Software on a pocket PC

Version: V2sp1
Size: 9.63 MB

ISIS Translator

ISIS 2.22 Translator

Version: V2.22
Size: 3.98 MB

ISIS 2 Moving light Libraries

It is necceasy to have ISIS 2.44 2.45 to update your moving light libraries.

(personality files/definitions). Please download the (Moving Light Libraries Feb 2010) pdf file.

Size: 415 kB

Moving Light Libraries Feb 2010.pdf

Moving Light Libraries Feb 2010.pdf

Size: 146 kB
  Moving Light Libraries Feb 2010.pdf


ISIS 1 Latest release for PHOENIX and VISION 10 desks.

ISIS 1.54 Build 540  - Nero cd image
Full CD including Linux, Floppy disk Images ....

Version: 1.54
Size: 37 MB

ISIS 1 - Floppy disk

ISIS 1.54 Build 540 Floppy disk images

Version: 1.54
Size: 9.08 MB


Floppy disk image to boot computer with a USB CD player to install ISIS 1.54. Please run this program to create a bootable floppy disk.

Version: 1.54
Size: 872 kB