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THE NETHERLANDS  – A vibrant new multi-theatre complex in The Netherlands, the Schouwburg Almere, has taken delivery of the one of the largest single lighting equipment orders to be placed in Europe in recent years, with nearly 500 ADB luminaires deployed throughout the venue’s three multi-function auditoriums.

The theatre is located at the edge of the Weerwater lake in the Kunstlinie Cultural Centre at the heart of Almere, a new city that is the fastest growing urban area in The Netherlands, just half an hour from Amsterdam.

This ultra high-tech venue was designed by Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa of the Japanese architectural firm SANAA, and its sophisticated AV/IT integration sees most of the venue’s technology systems operating over a common digital network, with the show control MediaLon integrated with the lighting network, audio system, communications and dressing room video and audio feeds.

The main auditorium‘s stage and those of the two smaller halls are lit by a total of 499 ADB luminaires, specified by the project’s technical consultants Theater Advies BV. All the luminaires were supplied ADB’s Dutch distributor Controllux, along with 200 Thomas PAR cans and Robert Juliat followspots.

Heading the list are 150 Niethammer HPZ115D spotlights, along with 90 of the HPZ215X and 24 HPZ211X models.

Conventional lighting comprises 52 ADB F201 2kW and 24 F101 1kW fresnels, 92 C103 and 18 C203 prism-convex fixtures, 24 C201 plano-convex units and 25 ACP1004C Cyclorama lights.

The Niethammers are installed in the main auditorium on two lighting bridges with the profiles and PCs mounted around the proscenium arch.

Kuno van Velzen of Controllux comments: “The Schouwburg Almere is one of the most prestigious cultural developments in Holland and, because it is completely multi-functional, the client required the spotlights in particular to be completely silent in operation as well as offering a high quality light and proven reliability.

“The Niethammers are fan-less and therefore silent running, provide a consistent, powerful and even beam, and they have a fantastic track record for reliability – so they’re ideal for a project of this type. It’s a beautiful theatre and a very exciting project to be involved in.

”The Schouwburg Almere opened this spring and hosts both national and international concerts, musicals, theatre productions and corporate events.


 264 ADB Niethammer spotlights head the luminaire list at the Schouwburg Almere, supplied by Controllux