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MEMORACK 15 - 30

Intelligent digital dimmer packs/racks for 19’’ rack mounting

12 x 3 kW or 6 x 5 kW or 6 x 3 kW or 3 x 5 kW

Intelligent, all-digital dimmer racks in four configurations; 12 x 3 kW or 6 x 5 kW or 6 x 3 kW or 3 x 5 kW. Designed for professional applications in stage, TV studio and architectural lighting, whenever high performance, quality, endurance and reliability are the prime considerations. Ideal for touring, decentralised dimming or  extension of existing installations or rental.

Set-up Functions
• 5-key keypad, 12 character LED display and user friendly menu for easy access to all dimmer functions.
• Set-up functions can be limited to "DMX start address".
• Local controls for creation and storage of 20 lighting cues.
• Individual selection of dimmer address (patch), law, smoothing and voltage reduction factor.
• Fade smoothing (4000-step resolution).
• 10 dimmer laws.
• Professional grade filtering (200 μs rise time).
• Local status reporting: 400 V - overtemperature – fan failure - processor check - presence of DMX signal - DMX and analogue control levels.
• Local test of a dimmer (steady, flash or chaser).
• Automatic self-test capability.
• Programmable response to a DMX failure.