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FREEDOM - The state of the art lighting and show control tool when more multi-parameter instruments are needed to be controlled and fast access is required. Together with the LIBERTY console this range is ideal for space-challenging environments and all venues seeking a fully integrated solution to control conventional and moving lights as well as LED sources and other modern equipment in a compact and portable package with the capacity of much larger and more expensive lighting consoles.

FREEDOM features four additional rotary wheels with pushbutton function and a super smooth large size trackball for precision positioning control. FREEDOM allows users to control quantities of multiple LED fittings, intelligent lights or media servers as well as the standard generic dimming systems.

In addition features four physical DMX outputs and one physical DMX512 input on board with 5 pole standard XLR connection sockets in case no ETHERNET network is available.
Highly intuitive thanks to the graphical user interface and powered by the HATHOR software this desk meets the sophisticated needs of all lighting professional. As an operator it is easy to advance from a FREEDOM console to other members of the HATHOR software powered lighting control desk family. The HATHOR software has been developed with the requirements of modern lighting design trends in mind and over an extended period of time meticulously and profoundly tested. The lighting control desk philosophy has been specifically designed for theatre stage lighting without any compromise.

FREEDOM is available in five basic configurations controlling channel numbering from 120 to 1024 multi-parameter lighting instruments and can address up to 16 universes via suitable networks. Synchronised backup is optionally available. FREEDOM consoles perform as standalone or as a client consoles in an extended networked system. Networked FREEDOM consoles will support multi-user / multi-operator setups with optional software packages and hence works perfectly together with other control desks powered by HATHOR software.

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